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A Banyan Residence complaints at this Venice assisted living facility raised by state investigators in September, 2017 result in finding of violations of law

a banyan residence complaints assisted living veniceA Banyan Residence complaints raised on September 19, 2017 by state investigators were compiled in a statement of deficiencies filed with the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration.  A Banyan Residence is a 71 bed for-profit assisted living facility located at 100 Base Avenue East, Venice, FL 34285.  This ALF is on Venice Island close to the airport.  The controlling interest and license holder for this assisted living facility is a limited liability company called A Banyan Residence Assisted Living, LLC.

The State of Florida has fined the licensee of A Banyan Residence assisted living facility a total of $15,203.60 for violations since 2011 according to public records.     The violations represent a failure to comply with minimum standards under state law by an assisted living facility.

As an assisted living facility abuse lawyer in Venice, FL, I frequently review the public records in order to see whether local assisted living facilities are complying with those minimum standards.  I often report my findings based on my review.  The rules are simple.  If you want to operate an assisted living facility in Florida, you have to agree to provide care to elderly residents that meets basic requirements.  If you fail to follow those safety rules, you could injure someone or worse.  An assisted living facility that chooses not to follow the rules may be fined.  If the violation is serious enough, state investigators may shut the facility down.  Over the years, complaints filed by our clients have resulted in the permanent closure of two area assisted living facilities and have become part of the permanent public record of many others.  Victims and their families have the strength to force positive change and fight to improve the quality of care in our Florida assisted living facilities.

Venice assisted living facility A Banyan Residence complaints based on a failure to properly assist with the administration of medications

The A Banyan Residence complaints which were the focus of Florida investigators centered on the failure to meet minimum standards related to providing assistance to residents with their medications.  The rules are simple.  If you are a worker in an assisted living facility who is responsible for dispensing medications, for goodness sake, please read the labels to the residents and please wash your hands.  According to Florida officials, this was observed as not being done properly at A Banyan Residence in Venice, Florida.

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The violation of law cited against A Banyan Residence assisted living facility in Venice, FL represents a Class III deficiency.  This is what the state investigators claimed to have observed first-hand when they were present in the facility.  As you can see, one assisted living employee at A Banyan Residence admitted that “she does not normally read the labels of any medications to the residents unless they ask.”  Of course, the vast majority of days out of the year, the Agency for Healthcare Administration does not have its staff present to oversee the actions of assisted living workers.  That is why the involvement and watchful eyes of family members is so important.  The complete survey inspection results for A Banyan Residence complaints lodged by state investigators as of September 19, 2017 may be viewed here:

Medication administration issues pose a serious threat of harm to resident health and safety in every assisted living facility in Florida

You might assume that only nurses are allowed to assist elderly residents with their medications in Florida assisted living facilities.  That assumption would be false.  Medication technicians, or “Med Techs” as they are called, are not typically nurses and have very little, if any, formal education.  Very few med techs even have a college degree or hold a license from the state.  Instead, they receive a certificate after taking a brief course.

You do not need to be an assisted living abuse lawyer to know that giving the wrong medication to a resident could injure or kill that person.  A single act of carelessness is all it takes.  Medication errors result in a large number of deaths in the United States each year.  The failure to follow proper infection control protocol is also the way bacteria and viruses are spread from one person to another in an assisted living facility.  Hand washing just makes common sense.  Our seniors deserve better.

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