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Harborchase of Sarasota complaints, deficiencies and violations of law in 2017

Harborchase of Sarasota complaints may be viewed online and are compiled by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration.  They are public record.  Harborchase of Sarasota is a 108 bed for-profit assisted living facility located at 5311 Proctor Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233.  The licensee of this assisted living facility is a limited liability company called HR Sarasota operator, LLC.  While the needs of residents of assisted living facilities vary, most families expect that their loved ones will receive some supervision and assistance.  Of course, adequate levels of supervision require that the assisted living facility be staffed with enough workers to meet the needs of all of the residents.

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Harborchase of Sarasota Cited for Class III Deficiency Related to Resident Supervision on August 23, 2017

State of Florida investigators conducted an onsite survey at Harborchase of Sarasota that resulted in a total of six (6) Class III deficiencies being cited against the assisted living facility.  One of those violations of law was related to resident care and supervision.  It is worth noting that this citation was issued against Harborchase of Sarasota only a little more than 9 months after the Agency for Healthcare Administration has cited the ALF for problems related to resident care and supervision on November 8, 2016.

The entire history of reported violations of law cited against Harborchase of Sarasota may be read here:

Updated resident service plans and adequate supervision are crucial part of assisted living facility care

In addition to resident care and supervision, Harborchase of Sarasota was also cited in violation of law in areas related to staff training, resident service plans and do not resuscitate orders.  Under Florida law, each reisdent of an assisted living facility must have a service plan which is designed to meet the resident’s needs based upon the amount of care that they require.  Problems may arise when a resident suffers a decline in health.  The assisted living facility should monitor each resident in order to make sure that they remain appropriate for an assisted living facility environment and that their needs have not changed significantly.  If the resident’s needs have changed (for instance, they now require some assistance with taking medication), then the resident’s service plan must be updated and the necessary steps to ensure that resident’s needs are met must be put into place.

A failure to properly assess, monitor, report and take action of the benefit of a resident may lead to that resident suffering actual harm.  Falls, bed sores, malnutrition, dehydration, bowel impactions, serious infections and other injuries may occur where there is a lack of resident care and supervision.  If you suspect that a loved one is suffering any of these harms, it is important to seek medical attention for the resident immediately — even if the assisted living facility down-plays the significance of the condition or otherwise attempts to allay your concerns.  As a local assisted living facility abuse lawyer, I have heard one too many stories of the efforts undertaken by assisted living facility administrators to retain residents — even where it is clear that their medical needs may no longer be met at the facility and they need urgent medical attention.

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I focus my practice on fighting to improve the quality of care in Florida assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  If you have questions regarding Harborchase of Sarasota or another Florida assisted living facility or nursing home, please feel free to call me at (941) 485-7600 for a free, confidential consultation.  All assisted living abuse and neglect cases are handled on a contingency fee and cost basis.  This means that any fees and costs are simply deducted from the settlement or recovery upon the successful conclusion of the case.   If no recovery is made, there are no fees or costs.  Action taken by residents and their family members to obtain accountability send a powerful message to this industry.

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