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Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

PHO_personal-injuryIf you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, your focus should be on getting better and on following your doctor’s advice and treatment plan. You will undoubtedly have many questions following a car, motorcycle or trucking accident – questions pertaining to insurance coverage, repairs to your wrecked car or vehicle, whether your wrecked car or vehicle is a total loss, medical bills, wage loss, and compensation for pain and suffering. As your personal injury lawyer, I can answer those questions for you and help you navigate the personal injury claims process.

My Pledge:

I HANDLE PERSONAL INJURY CASES ON A CONTINGENCY FEE AND COST BASIS. You owe me nothing unless I make a recovery for you. If I do, my fees and costs are simply deducted from the recovery. If, for whatever reason I am not successful, you do not owe me a penny.

Click here for a list, which is by no means exhaustive, that highlights some of the services that I will provide you with once you hire me to represent you in a car accident injury case.
  • I will review your insurance policy and explain your insurance coverage to you as well as the insurance policy and coverage of the at-fault driver. Many clients are surprised to learn that Florida law only requires drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in property damage coverage and $10,000 in PIP, or personal injury protection coverage, otherwise known as no-fault insurance coverage;
  • I will fully investigate the case and obtain any and all documentary and other evidence as is necessary to substantiate the claim, including witness statements, crash reports, and photographs. It is helpful to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle prior to permitting any repairs;
  • I will explain Florida law and your rights as they pertain to your damaged vehicle and, at your request, negotiate your property damage claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company as a courtesy, free of charge;
  • I will advise you concerning the acquisition of a temporary rental car, if applicable, while your vehicle is being repaired. Under Florida law, you are entitled to the value of the “loss of use” of your vehicle from the date of the accident through the time your vehicle is either repaired or declared as a total loss. The responsible party’s insurance carrier normally offers to provide a rental car of comparable size to your vehicle during this period;
  • I will speak with the insurance adjusters on both sides of the claim to protect you and your legal rights. You should not give a written or recorded statement to any insurance company or discuss your case with anyone prior to speaking with a lawyer;
  • I will advise and counsel you regarding the submission and payment of medical bills and lost wages under Florida’s no fault personal injury protection car insurance law;
  • I will advise and counsel you regarding state and federal subrogation and lien laws and their application to any potential recovery you may make. If a private health insurance or Medicaid / Medicare pays any portion of your accident related bills, they will likely assert a lien against any settlement or recovery obtained from the at-fault driver. I will explain this process to you and help you ensure that your rights are protected, as well as negotiate any liens in order to maximize your recovery;
  • I will monitor the status of your medical care and treatment and discuss the nature, extent and severity of your injuries with your treating physicians;
  • I will consult with your physicians for the purpose of obtaining a professional medical opinion regarding your medical prognosis, degree of permanent impairment, if any, and need for future medical treatment;
  • I will compile your past, present and future economic and non-economic damages for the purpose of presentation of a comprehensive demand package to the insurance company;
  • I will consult with you regarding the value range of your claim and the formulation of a demand figure based on your total damages;
  • I will utilize my personal training, knowledge, and experience in striving to negotiate the highest possible settlement and recovery on your behalf;
  • I will engage and negotiate your personal injury claim with the insurance company adjuster, and provide any and all supplemental information as necessary;
  • I will negotiate any unpaid medical bills and medical and / or subrogation liens on your behalf at your request as a courtesy and at no additional charge;
  • Upon successful settlement of the claim, I will prepare a closing statement which reflects all monetary disbursements to be made of settlement funds. In addition to the closing statement, you will receive photocopies of all disbursement checks along with their accompanying transmittal letters;
  • In the event a satisfactory settlement cannot be negotiated with the insurance company, I will explain and discuss the litigation phase of the claim with you;
  • If a lawsuit is required to advance the claim, and litigation is deemed economically feasible to pursue, I will prepare, file, and serve a lawsuit on the defendant(s);
  • During the next phase of your case, I will prepare written discovery known as interrogatories, request for production of documents and requests for admission to be served on the defendant(s). The defendant(s) will likely send written questions for us to answer along with a request for the production of documents related to the case;
  • I will take the depositions of witnesses who possess knowledge of pertinent facts regarding your case;
  • To make sure that you are fully prepared and confident, I will thoroughly counsel, assist and prepare you for your deposition;
  • Next, I will prepare you and your case for the formal settlement conference known as mediation and attend the mediation conference;
  • I will counsel and advise you on settlement opportunities and the pros and cons of presenting your case to a Florida jury of your peers.
  • If settlement is not achieved, I will prepare you and your case for trial, and if necessary, try your case to a jury.

Providing Professional, Personal Service with the Edge of Local Experience

“Unlike some law firms and lawyers located in Tampa and Orlando who advertise on television, where you may never see, speak with or hear from the lawyer seen on TV, let alone any lawyer, I will personally handle your case from beginning to end and will be available to provide you with legal advice in plain and simple language. I will be readily available to answer your questions throughout the pendency of your personal injury case. Locally based in Venice, Florida, I am a conveniently accessible personal injury lawyer who you may deal with directly on your car, motorcycle, or trucking accident case. And I will strive and work hard to get you the justice and maximum compensation you deserve on your personal injury case.”

“At all stages of representation, I work on a true contingency fee and cost basis. This means that you pay no fees or costs out of your pocket. I only receive a fee and the reimbursement of any costs if and when we successfully resolve your claim through settlement or by verdict at trial. Then, and only then, my fees and costs are simply deducted from the recovery in accordance with the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and the highest ethical standards.” Venice attorney, James Keim, has many years of personal legal experience handling car, motorcycle and trucking accident cases in Florida and will strive to obtain justice and the maximum compensation for you under Florida law.

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